Biden (Accidentally) Just Made Your Small Business A More Appealing Place to Work

Even though we'll likely see Biden's vaccine mandate battled in court for some time, for many employees, it's the final straw to an already stressful work environment they no longer wish to be a part of. Large companies will be the scrutiny and target of the Federal government for some time to come; vaccine mandates, enhanced mask rules, testing requirements, privacy violations, and more. These extra burdens may be the latest blow to large employers, but they are hardly the last. Circling in the news are new tax increases on these same companies. With these firms already being the hardest hit by the great resignation, this will likely further stress an already broken work environment. Adding increased hours, increased workload, and everyone's favorite, more meetings for an already exhausted workforce.

Offer Potential Employees Something The Large Companies Cannot

1) Reduced government oversight and violation of rights. Even vaccinated people can be turned off by the federal government's overreach, especially when combined with the invasion of privacy many have experienced from their large employers. Remind potential employees that because your small business has less than 100 employees, they will be under different guidelines than their former employer.

2) Flexibility. Large companies are forced to come up with policies that fit the entirety of the organization. A small business that knows its staff can create flexible work environments and hours that fit the goals of the company AND the individual.

3) A mission and purpose that's close to home. It was cool for a hot minute to change the world. But now people see their hometowns dying, stores closing, restaurants opening four days a week, and big-box taking over. People want to be a part of their community, and they want to be a part of bringing it back to life. (Why small businesses are winning the hiring race).

4) Seeing the meter move. It takes millions or possibly billions of dollars to see even 1% growth at a big corporation. This looks like a flat horizontal line on an excel sheet in your 10th zoom meeting of the day. At your organization, they can see real growth and the impact of their daily actions. The excitement of taking action today and within days seeing the lobby fill with more customers or more shipments go out is exhilarating for your staff. Especially when those goals are tied back to a local vision that improves the very community they live in.

5) Quick movement. Your staff, who are used to bureaucracy and quarterly shareholder demands, will be thrown for a loop the first time they see one of their ideas implemented within days. This sparks creativity, excitement, and, most importantly, buy-in to the organization's vision.

6) Close relationship with key stakeholders. A close working relationship with those that create the vision help an employee realize that they can help share the vision.

7) A place where they'd be proud to have their friends work. Great employees will share the vision with your customers and their friends and help recruit for you. Now because of an employee referral bonus program, but because they genuinely believe your business is a great place to work.

What does this mean for small business?

One of the only positive things to come out of the pandemic is a flood of new cash flow incentives for small and mid-sized businesses. Most companies don't know where to start, maybe you took advantage of the PPP program, but you wouldn't know where to look beyond that. Using software that helps find all of these programs to stay focused on growing your business is key. Get cash flow for all the employees that have worked for you in the past, the ones that work for you today, and the ones that will join your team soon.

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